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Here’s why you should go nuts over walnuts!

Warning, this blog post does contain nuts; walnuts to be exact. The questions being answered today are: Why should we as humans be nuts about walnuts? What can they do for my health? And why should I add them to my diet immediately?

Walnuts are actually in a large number of products you see in your everyday life. From baked goods, health bars, to even all natural pill supplements, you will find this tasty, and slightly bitter, seed marking on that label. But, there good reasons for that.  The many benefits of this natural staple will leave you shocked. So, unless you are allergic to nuts, this fantastic natural resource is not something your diet should pass up.

Types of Walnuts

Maybe you weren’t aware, but there are actually two kinds of walnuts. They go by the names English and black walnuts. Here are a couple of the key ways they are different.

The main difference between the two is the toughness. Black walnuts have thicker shells. This is why most Americans eat English walnuts, despite the history of the Native Americans eating black walnuts from the land.

The second difference is the underlying taste. English walnuts are bitter, but black walnuts have an earthy, natural, taste to them. Although the taste is not that large of a factor.

That being said, even with these few differences, they both display similarly amazing benefits.

The many Benefits of Walnuts

Time to get to the important stuff, and the reason why most of you are even reading this, the benefits:

Strong Heart and Bones

Walnuts contain some of the best healthy fats you can find in nature. This includes image-3 and alpha-linolenic acid. Omega-3 helps with blood pressure to ease the heart, while the other acid lowers inflammation and keeps those bones solid. Health professionals actually are even starting to consider it to be the top nut for heart health.

Great Night’s Sleep

Ever hear of melatonin? Basically, it’s that amazing hormone that lets your body follow a proper sleep cycle. And can you guess what health friendly tree nut contains it? You guessed it, walnuts! Sweet dreams.

Easy Digestion

This one is pretty simple. Walnuts, like most nuts, have a healthy dose of fiber. Fiber, as we all know, keeps our digestion running smooth and prevents annoyances such as painful constipation.

Internal Peace

Going back to those omega-3 acids, walnuts use them to aid the nervous system and improve brain activity. From memory to concentration, a walnut-rich diet will make you feel sharper then you have in a long time.

External Beauty

Skin, eyes, and hair! Yes, you heard right. Walnuts contain so many different natural nutrients that they can improve all kinds of external focal points.

When it comes to hair, it not only helps it grow long and shiny but can lower risk of dryness and dandruff. It also aids in skin dryness as well. As for eyes, walnuts produce an oil that can help lighten up dark circles. Not that you’ll have them once you get that amazing night’s sleep.

In short, walnuts will not just give you peace on the inside, but make you feel like a fresh and revived goddess on the outside.

Healthy Pregnancy

If you are or know an excepting mother to be, walnuts contain a lot of the nutrients required for a healthy birth. So walnuts do not just help your life, but can also give a newborn the best chance for a healthy life.

Immunity Boost

Considering walnuts are said to contain powerful antioxidants, this is actually why walnuts are best known for building up shields to keep the sickness out. So, when flu season starts to creep up on you, do your immune system a favor and crush up a few yummy walnuts into your favorite meal.

Walnuts are something everyone should try to add to their diet. They are a natural resource that has an almost never-ending list of benefits. Whether they are raw, powered, made into an oil, or in supplements, these beautifully, bitter tree nuts should really be something that makes you go nuts.

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