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Got the Exercise “Burn Out”? Try These 9 Unique Fitness Classes for the Spontaneous Soul

Sometimes a typical day of running on the treadmill at your local gym can seem like it just isn’t motivating you anymore. You want the best for your body. You take those daily supplements and vitamins and push yourself to get in that perfect workout. The best part of human society is its ability to be creative. This does not exclude exercise methods. Here are some of the most unique fitness classes for the spontaneous soul!

Cycle Karaoke

Singing has a way of really allowing people to just lose themselves in the moment and enjoy it. Cycle karaoke is an amazing class that combines the intensity of cycling, with the entertainment of singing. With the beat of the song matching the beat of the cycling, this class allows for a perfectly balanced fitness experience. Do you have to sing? No, but after getting into the groove of things, nothing will stop you from wanting to!


Looking for a day at the beach or do you just want that beach bod? Well, this class is perfect for you. Helping balance and core strength, SurfSET takes traditional yoga to an innovative new level by applying a surfboard instead of mats. Surfs up!

FORZA (Sword Fitness)

This fitness class is developed around sword fighting and was created by Ilaria Montagnani. It really allows you to give those arms an extreme amount of endurance and strength. Not to mention they focus a lot on mental concentration and conditioning. What a great way to bring out your inner warrior, right?


POUND offers a creative fitness class based on the concept of drumming. As anyone who played percussion in marching band can tell you if you place the right amount of passion into hitting each beat you can really start to feel the heat. Jam to your favorite rhythms and bang away about 600 calories!

Naked Yoga

This one may not be for the faint of heart, but it sure is a thrill for anyone looking for a spontaneous new way to release some energy. It’s exactly how it sounds. This is a traditional yoga class but clothes free. The theory behind this class is to entirely leave yourself open and ready to experience anything the class, and life, has to offer.

Kangoo Jump

This fitness class seems like an enjoyable experience. Watch as these women jump and hop their way to a better body. The jumping boots are not just for fun though. They give your cardio workout a boost by toning both legs and butt as you move and groove.

Burlesque Dancing

You may be asking what exactly is burlesque. In short, it’s sexy, enriching, and fun. This type of dramatic dance can leave any woman feeling confident, free, and fierce after they are done.

This fitness style is all about finding the perfect posture and pose while letting your sexuality run wild as you use chairs, scarves and whatever else you can to get yourself pumped while looking great.


How would you like to work out by barely moving an inch? Well, Dr. Melissa Hershberg has discovered a way.

The way this class works is by using slight movement to focus on the core spots to remove body fat. This posted video shows kama in action. The biggest thing to remember is that with kama it’s not about speed, but focus.

Pole Dancing

You most likely have seen a class like this, but never dared to enter. Sometimes you just have to go for it to bring something new to your life.

That being said, pole dancing class is not for the weak of heart. You wouldn’t believe how much core and arm strength it takes to pole dance. This type of class is for those truly looking for something to strive for, and are willing to work on perfecting all parts of their body.

Women should never be locked into the same boring routine. You are strong, passionate, and sexy and need a fitness class that is willing to embrace your spontaneous side. So tell the treadmill you are taking a break and strap in for your next fitness adventure.

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