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Get Back to Your “Dopeness” in Two Simple Steps!

Question for the mothers, sisters, daughters, boss babes and wives: How do you get back to your dopeness despite of your busy schedules?

Jeanette Chandler, dietician and owner of Fit With Jeanette, has a Move of the Day featured on the website. Wives and mothers tend to focus so much on their families and careers, we tend to forget about ourselves. “Life gets in the way and the ‘Moves Of The Day’ are designed specifically for busy moms,” Jeanette says.

It is widely known that no fitness plan can outwork a bad diet. A good meal plan should accompany working out.  Jeanette recommends some tips that can help us incorporate how to be healthy and whole.

Make Yourself a Priority

The first tip is to make yourself a priority by having an “executive meeting” with yourself. Scheduling self-care is very important. Include your family in on the decision to making yourself a priority by mentioning that the time and date to workout are non-negotiable.

90-Day Increments

Also, when wanting to accomplish a healthy lifestyle goal, try tackling it in 90-day increments. Sometimes taking on a lifestyle change can be daunting, so breaking it up can be easier to accomplish.

Jeanette is offering a special boot camp special for all Edlyn Essential’s followers on her website. At a discounted price, you can enjoy a healthy meal plan for four weeks, and a live online exercise session every Monday morning. Additionally, all plans include one-on-one conversations with Jeanette to help stay accountable and motivated.

Women should be encouraged to collaborate and discuss with one another on how to improve their lifestyle. Joining Jeanette’s boot camp or any other group can change one’s journey for the better and help moms and wives return back to their dopeness.

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