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Exhausted, Bloated and Irritable? A Colon Detox May be the Remedy

When it comes to digestion, nothing plays a quite as essential a role than the colon. From saving what’s good, to removing what’s bad, the colon keeps our bodies running smooth and waste-free. That being said, although the colon does a fantastic job, just like most things in life, it isn’t perfect. That’s when you may choose to take control of your own health and detox your colon.

What is a Colon Detox?

A colon detox is an entirely natural process that looks to remove any of the bad waste that stayed behind from the food you ate. This can be done in many ways such as intense hydrotherapy, strong herbal teas, or merely taking medicine or natural pills.

Quick History of the Colon Detox

A colon detox was actually not popular in the United States until the 1900’s, even though we have proof of it being performed in ancient Greece. It did lose support for a while since it has some side-effects. But even with these setbacks, it has now come back as a practice that may be worth looking into.

The reasons it has come back is mostly due to the newer, more natural alternatives to cleansing your colon. A colon detox is a great way to prolong your quality of life.

Why Would You Need a Colon Detox?

Even though this process has not been perfect in the past, neither has your colon’s ability to remove waste. This is the reason most surgeries require you to eat nothing or possibly take laxatives a day in advance. Here are some effects of these occasionally forgotten leftovers.

Colon cancer is never something people what to think about, but it is always out there. Getting a proper detox is theorized to help lower your risks. If you are someone who often stresses about this type of illness, trying to naturally fight it could be an option.

Many people claim that after a colon detox they feel as though they are lighter. Some of this may only be a temporary side effect of releasing waste. That being said, the colon is a part of the digestion process so I don’t throw away the possibility that it can have a positive effect on weight loss.

Fatigue is often a symptom of having toxins left over in your body. Virtually everybody can benefit from feeling a little less tired. Not to mention we as busy women need near perfect mental clarity to survive each and every hurdle of our daily lives

Can you afford to be sick? Most people can’t. If waste is being left over in your body, then it can also affect your immune system, which plays a vital role in keeping you healthy.

Consider all of this when thinking about getting a colon detox.


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