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  • Dandelion: 5 Health Benefits that Make it More Than a Flower

    Is it spring yet? It’s getting closer to that time of the year—more so in some parts of the country than in others—and this is the time dandelions...
  • 12 Essential Tips for Building the Perfect To-do List

    Organization is a key factor in reducing stress, conserving time, and learning important life skills such as financing and life. Some believe you are born with the ability to organize, but the truth is with a bit of time anyone can learn how to get their life in order. A great way to start on this journey is to learn how to make an effective to-do list. Even something as simple as this can seem impossible if you aren’t in the right mindset for it. So here are a few straightforward to-do list tips to get you started on your road to blissful order.
  • Secrets for Youthful and Radiant Skin for Women Over 30

    Who doesn’t want youthful and radiant looking skin? Master esthetician and wax trainer, Quandra Lee, has some tips on how to keep your skin lookin...
  • Aging and Metabolism: Let’s be Friends Again

    There are ways to boost your metabolism and keep your metabolism moving at a fast rate. Boosting your metabolism can sometimes be simple. Eating certain foods can give your metabolism a push in the right direction

  • Minority Health Matters Affects All of Us

    Health is not always attributed to age, weight, and sex alone. Different races, cultures, or even sexual orientation can exhibit unique health i...
  • Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Tap into Your Inner Extrovert

    There are three types of “verts” in this world: An introvert is a quiet person that does not find it easy to talk to others. An extrovert thrives...
  • Calcium: It’s more than “Got Milk”

    Calcium is extremely important! Calcium is a mineral that is found in many foods. Your body needs calcium in order to maintain strong bones. Calcium is not only stored in your bones, but it is also found in your teeth.