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Quick Tips for Staying on the Healthy Lifestyle Path

EdLyn Essentials, LLC is committed to helping women live a life of balance, strength and longevity! Here are a few tips that Dr. Marsie Ross founder of EdLyn Essentials, LLC and Health Mentor in Maryland, suggests to help live the best and healthiest lives we can.

The first tip is to get an exercise routine that makes you happy. “Find your jam,” she says. Also, collaborate with others to stick to your goals by finding an accountability partner that can keep you motivated. Your accountability partner can even work out with you whether in person or virtually.

Embrace technology. Fit bits and Apple watches can assist with your goals.

Next, give it time and be patient with the process. Congratulate yourself when you stick to your routine, but don’t punish yourself when things get off track.

Third, build it in your daily life. Incorporate something that won’t clash with your routine. “That makes it part of your life,” Dr. Ross adds. “It’s not something that you’re doing that’s against your personality.”

Another tip is to break it up. Don’t jump head first into a routine that isn’t sustainable. Even doing something simple like planks can be beneficial or exercising while brushing your teeth.

Dr. Ross encourages those to start light by exercising at home or starting with a 20-minute home exercise video and eventually you will become stronger and will want to increase the amount of exercise in your regimen.

Last tip: don’t stop. “Don’t give up. Keep going,” she says. If you slip up, don’t beat yourself up. It’s ok to have a bad meal and not turn it into a cheat day. Stick with your plan and remember your goals. Every 80 seconds a woman loses her life to heart disease. Being the best version of ourselves starts with self-care.

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